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A Happy Home Warms up with Bioenergy

A Happy Home Warms up with Bioenergy

A Happy Home Warms up with Bioenergy

A Happy Home Warms up with Bioenergy

A Happy Home Warms up with Bioenergy

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bioenergy!

Small Giant of Bioenergy  website provides information on biofuels (fire wood, wood ships, pellet, briquettes, peat etc) and their quality, utilisation, preparing/supplying, storing etc. We also give different kind of information and facts dealing with bio heating (equipment choices, energy values, conversion factors, moisture content, perfect combustion, energy consumption, power demand etc).

Bioenergyadvice.com is created for everyone who is interested in bioenergy and is looking for cost effective and ecological energy. We think that everyone has the possibility to find it.

Our site offers you the chance to get to know different bioenergy sources and to learn how to utilise local and domestic bioenergy in the most efficient and economical way. There are only winners when bioenergy is used!


Bioenergy is fully renewable, 100% domestic and low emission energy, which has stored energy from the sun. Renewable energy is always – one way or the other – linked to the sun and its thermal power, the effects of gravity, and radiation.

Bioenergy can be divided into two categories: process and natural growth. Both of these have energy as the end product. One could define bioenergy as energy in any fully renewable form which we get from nature without robbing it.

Bioenergy is produced in various processes: combustion, decomposition and rotting; solar and wind energy, wave motion, flowing water and ground heat. Natural biofuels grow in the wild in woods, fields and bogs.

Bioenergy is an inexhaustible treasury of energy. Utilised and harnessed right, it will guarantee the future generations a clean, self-sufficient, vital and safe world to live in. Bioenergy is the only way to replace the fossil fuels, such as oil, that are constantly decreasing in quantity and increasing in price.

Throughout history humans have used bioenergy. Wood has been burned always and everywhere. When low-priced oil came on the market, bioenergy sources had to take a back seat. But now the days of cheap oil are gone.


User Experiences


  • Heating targets: two-storey detached house
  • Area: 240  m²
  • Fuel: wood chips
  • Heating system: central heating boiler (30 kW), stoker burner (40 kW),
  • Extra source of heat/thermal storage: baking ovenfireplace, tiled stove, Porin-Matti -oven, electric resistance
  • Other: emergency power generator

The main building (approx. 240 m²) in the Virkamäki farm heats up mostly with wood chips, as does the hot service water for the four-member family. Before oil was used, and the consumption was about 4 000 litres a year. The former heating centre stood in a boiler room in the middle of the house. The new system has been built into a granary, from which the heat is transmitted through an underground pipe into the house.

“I’ve burned everything sensible in the stoker. All fuels work well: peat, pellet and chips, and their different mixtures. I re-adjust the system when I chance the fuel, so that the efficiency is optimal. Not a single problem has occurred in our heating history, even though the equipment is old and used. We’ve used high-quality and dry chips,” tells the satisfied farmer.

“The heating costs are around 800 euros per year. The cost of oil heating would be approximately 4–5 -fold. Our kids don’t have to save hot water when they shower,” the happy farmer says.

Read more user experiences here and how you can save money by making the right heating choices.

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