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In briquettes wood energy is compressed into a small power pack.

Domestic and Convenient Energy

Like pellets, also briquettes are prepared of the by-products of woodworking industry: shavings and saw dust, which are hydraulically compressed into firm bits. Wood’s natural binding, ligning, holds briquettes together. Also other bio masses, for example reed canary grass, can be used as raw material for briquettes and thus be used for heat energy.

Briquette is similar to pellet, but significantly larger in size. One cubic metre of briquettes weighs 700–1 000 kg.

Briquette in a nutshell

  • energy content 4,8 kWh/kg
  • diameter usually 50 mm
  • length 50-150 mm
  • moisture content 7 %

Utilisation and Storing

Briquettes are fully renewable and domestic bioenergy. Briquettes can be burned in every fireplace and burner in the house, just like firewood. If getting firewood proves to be difficult, for example in a population centre, briquettes are a good option. They can be burned even in stoker burners.

Roofed outhouse is a good place to store briquettes. Hydraulically compressed briquettes are extremely dense, and thus require little storage space.

Preparing Self or Buying Ready?

Making briquettes is a very simple procedure with a purpose-made machine. With a briquetting machine a large amount of briquettes can be prepared almost of anything. An alternative is to buy briquettes ready and delivered.

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