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Energy Value and Conversion Factors

The energy value of briquettes is about 4,8 kWh/kg. The energy gain is very similar to that of pellets’, which is 4,75 kWh/kg.

The shape of a briquette determines the weight of one cubic metre of briquettes. A round briquette weighs averagely 700 kg/m³, a rectangular one 1 000 kg/m³.

One tonne of briquettes (1 000 kg) equals averagely

  • 500 litres of light fuel oil
  • 3,5 loose cubic metres of birch logs
  • 6,5 loose cubic metres of wood chips

Briquettes can be compared with other fuels and converted into energy using the conversion factors below. The conversion factors are average.

1 000 kg of briquette/5 000 kWh ->

3,5 m³ˢᵗ of birch logs ->

500 litres of fuel oil ->

6,5 m³ᶩ ͮ  of wood chips

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