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Oil Crops

For Heating, Fuel, and Animal Supplement

From oily crops, such as turnip rape, oilseed rape and flax, vegetable oils are produced. Vegetable oil can be used as heating oil. Turnip rape, which is the most grown oil crop, can be esterified into bio diesel. Bio diesel can replace diesel in cars and other machines.  

Domestic crushed and compressed turnip rape is the most important protein supplement. In fact, the production of oil crops in Finland today is based on the production of protein feed more than the production of vegetable oil for energy and fuel purposes.

Turnip rape in a nutshell

  • seed yield averagely 1 600–1 800 kg/ha
  • straw yield approx. 1 500 kg/ha
  • oil content of yield approx. 40 %

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