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Reed Canary Grass

Use as Fodder or Energy Source

In Finland, reed canary grass is used in energy production and as fodder. Only in the Nordic countries the use of reed canary grass in energy production is supported. In other countries it is used only as fodder.

One hectare of reed canary grass field produces 30 MWh energy. At least for now, reed canary grass produced energy is more expensive than energy produced using wood chips.

Transporting reed canary grass is relatively expensive, because it is such a light material. In Finland, the use of reed canary grass in energy production has been tested for a few years by Vapo, among others. The experiment was ended in 2011, as the utilisation of reed canary grass turned out to be too challenging.

Reed canary grass in a nutshell

  • yield about 5–6 tonnes/hectare
  • heat value 4,5 MWh/tonne when the moisture content is 10 %
  • energy gain 20–30 MWh/hectare
  • yields up to 15 years
  • low need for fertilisation

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