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Log, Stick, Chip, Stock – a Dear Child has Many Names!

Wood is an ideal, affordable and modern heat source. And the best part is that it is a possibility for all of us!

Thanks to the development of wood harvesting, processing, supplying and combustion methods, using wood is now easier than ever. Heating with wood is a domestically and environmentally friendly way of heating. It does not produce greenhouse gas and grow the environmental load.

Wood is the most affordable of all the renewable energy sources available, and using it does not necessarily require any machines, burners or conveyors. Wood can be bought completely ready for use. Alternatively, logs can be made of raw wood either manually or mechanically.


Is there anything nicer than a warming and atmospheric fire crackling in the stove?

Widely Available in a Variety of Forms

Birch is by far the most popular wood used, even though other wood species do well as raw material too. Excellent firewood is left over at construction sites. Practically all wood that burns is good fuel – were it fabulous birch log or a short, simple piece of plank.

For centuries, wood has been an important heating fuel for us. Still plenty is available in Finland, and it is one of the completely renewable natural resources that we are fully self-sufficient in.

In the future the importance of wood will grow, as the fossil fuels decrease and energy price increases. Explore the heating value of wood here and conversion factors here.

Read user experiences of wood heating here.




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