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Wood is seasoned and stored in wire mesh cages.

It is of great importance how the wood is stored. Few simple measures guarantee that the energy-efficiency of the wood is preserved. Wood should be stored close to the place where it will be used, so that using it is easy.

Store Covered and Airy

Wood is stored for seasoning under roofing in airy space so that rain does not wet the wood. Tin roof is preferred to plastic, since it admits air circulation that dries the wood. Plastic settles tightly on the wood, which increases the risk of the top layer becoming mouldy.

It is a good idea to leave some space for air under the stored wood to prevent damage caused by rising damp. An excellent choice for seasoning and storing wood is a roofed wire mesh made of thin reinforced wire or a similar roofed cage.

The friendliest storing circumstances for wood seasoning are naturally the driest and warmest possible. The best storage for wood is a warm storage with underfloor heating, but also a good old woodshed is an excellent option. If woodshed is used, it should have as airy floor as possible and walls that let the wind in.

Have a look at a video:

How to Build a Wood House https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6PJMH_9ijg#t=26

The good old airy woodshed.

Woodchips waiting to get into woodshed for seasoning.

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