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Firewood can be utilised traditionally in different kinds of fireplaces, or in boilers of central heating systems using water circulation. Proper amount of outdoors seasoned firewood should be brought indoors a few days before use. Thus is secured that the wood is dry and warm enough for energy-efficient and money-saving use.

The best intermediate wood storage is next to fireplace or boiler, because this makes the use easy. However, no more than 0.5 cubic metres of firewood should be stored inside for the sake of fire orders and safety. Read more about fire safety here.

Wood-Fired Central Heating

There are two options for using wood-fired central heating. In addition to boiler, there should be either a separate water tank or an integrated water tank. The size of the tank may be hundreds or thousands of litres depending on the space heated and the boiler used.

Wood-fired central heating saves the user a lot of work and is energy-efficient. If there is need for additional heating, heat pump, solar panels or electric heating can be used. 

It is as easy to heat up a 200 m² detached house with firewood as it is by using a manual stoker burner with wood chips or peat. What is essential is that the boiler has a water tank.

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