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Energy Value and Conversion Factors

Large pellet sack of 500 kg. The amount of pellets corresponds 237 litres of oil.

Pellet’s energy content is 4,75 kWh/kg. It is almost the same as that of briquette’s, which is 4,8 kWh/kg. When buying and selling pellet, it is usually measured in kilograms or in tonnes.

On average, one cubic metre of pellets

  • weighs 600 kg
  • has the energy content of 3 000 kWh

One cubic metre of light fuel oil equals approximately 3,3 loose cubic metres of pellet.

One stacked cubic metre of birch logs equals 0,51 loose cubic metres of pellet.

Pellets can be compared with other fuels and converted into energy using the conversion factors below. The conversion factors are average.

1 000 litres of fuel oil/10 000 kWh ->

2 100 kg of pellet ->

12,5 m³ of wood chips ->

6 stacked cubic metres of birch

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