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Supplying Pellets


On the left side is a large-scale pellet silo. Pellets are transported by truck and blown straight from there into the silo through the pipes on the front side.

A large sack of 500 kg is conveniently moved from a hardware shop’s store onto a trailer. 

Various Options for Everyone

Pellets can be transported to the location of use in large sacks or in easily movable small bags. One option is to order a cargo of pellets, delivered by truck like oil. Pellets are easy to supply throughout the year.

Small bag of pellets is 25 kg. Large sacks are cheapest, and they come in 500 kg sacks. The sacks can be transported for example with a trailer. This way you do not have to pay for the delivery.

When ordering vast amount of pellets, it is worth considering ordering abroad, from Russia, Latvia or Estonia. This way the fuel costs will be lower.

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