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Pellet boiler with an integrated pellet burner built in the place of an old oil boiler. Pellet boiler fits into a very small space, and is a worthy and affordable alternative for oil heating.

Central Heating

Pellet is a truly multi-use fuel, which can be utilised in central heating in a pellet burner or a stoker burner. The most common pellet heating system in detached houses is central heating using water circulation with a pellet burner and boiler. Pellet can be burned in systems with bottom unloader or manual system, as it is or mixed with other fuels. For example, during freeze-up wood chips might be moist. Mixing in some pellets in gives the fuel some extra energy.

Simple measures can affordably make you a user of bioenergy. A good idea is to preserve and transform the old central heating boilers so that they are suitable for bio heating. This is done so, that the old burner is replaced with a pellet burner. A pellet burner with boiler fits into a very small space.

A silo for storing the pellets can be built of an old oil drum or a wheelie bin. The silo can be filled from a large pellet sack in every few weeks depending on the consumption. Read more about how to store pellets here.

Using pellet burner

If pellets are used in central heating and they are burned in a pellet burner, a special silo must be designed and built for storing the pellets. The fuel is automatically rationed with a screw conveyor from the silo into the burner.

Pellet burner can be installed into most wood boilers and into some of the old oil boilers. Often old oil boilers have a rather small water capacity, which means that a hot-water tank might be needed to ensure the sufficiency of hot service water.


On the left side -Pellet burner has been integrated into an old combination furnace. The combination furnace has two places, one for oil and one for wood.

On the right -Screw conveyor takes the pellets to the burner.

To get the maximal efficiency out of a pellet burner, all adjustments must be right.

Using a stoker burner

If a stoker burner is used in a central heating system, pellets can be used alongside chips or peat, and be stored in specially designed spaces.

Pellet can be burned as such in stoker burners of bio heating plants, with no special measures. Only the adjustments of the plant need to be re-adjusted, as always when changing the fuel type. Different fuels have different burning values. Read more about stoker burners here.

Other Heaters

Pellets have an excellent energy value, and almost no ash is produced when burning them. Pellets can be used as an additional heating source in pellet stoves or in old fireplaces with an implemented pellet burner.

Pellet heating is suitable for large-scale heating plants as well, because it is easy to storage, requiring only a very small storage space. The fuel is easily ordered and transported with a truck to the heating target.

In Spa hotel Kylpylähotelli Päiväkumpu, pellets now replace the formerly used light fuel oil for 4500 MWh per year. In the picture the pellet heating plant and the storage silo of the spa hotel.








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