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Wood Chips


Bioenergy: Self-Sufficient and Clean

Wood chips are mechanically chipped with a chipper. Wood chips are made of pruned or unpruned whole-tree, logging waste, stumps, or other waste wood. In the woodworking industry, the process chain of making chips out of growing tree trunks is a long one, including several stages and thus employing many people in the home country. 

Wood chips are bioenergy at its best: clean, domestic and renewable, straight from the forest. When wood chips are dry and burned in the right way, they have an enormous energy value. It is undeniably one of the most affordable ways of heating. See profitability calculations here.

Carefree and Automated Energy Production

With wood chips, it is possible to automate the whole heating system. Practically all modern, well-designed and -serviced, automated wood chip heating systems that run on high-quality fuel are as easy and carefree as any old-fashioned oil-fired heating.

In Finland, the use of wood chips in heating systems has grown significantly. The number of plants using wood chips both for heat and electricity production has increased, and chips are used, for example, in CHP-plants (Combined Heat and Power).

For thousands of years, wood has been the most important heat source for humans. Its importance will only grow in the future as awareness increases, energy prices climb, and the will for self-sufficiency in energy rises in our society.

Heating fuel can travel to customer in an oil truck – or as local service by tractor, in home delivery! 

Loading wood. This load travels to a customer for chipping and use.

Read user experiences of wood chip heating here.

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