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Felling Energy Wood


Practically everywhere grow good, usable trees to be processed into firewood. Excellent sources are first thinnings, verges and edges and alder forests. Felling trees for energy use affects forestry and landscape in a positive way.

Felling Done by a Forester

It is advised to do the first felling by using a forester, which is an environmentally friendly choice. A good way to get the felled trees into harvester head piles is to use an auxiliary handle for chainsaws, a felling handle.

The way in which a forester fells the trees into piles is called movement cutting. The piles are carried away by machines. Professional forester may achieve up to 20 cubic metres of felled wood in a working day, when mechanically done the result is between 20–40 cubic metres.

Movement cutting speeds up the work and makes it easier. Picture by Apurituote.

Mechanical Felling

An alternative to using a forester is to fell the trees mechanically, for example with a small harvester head. A small-scale machine does not cause unnecessary driving tracks and trunk, undergrowth and root damage.

It is good to plan the logging road at least 20 metres ahead. The advantage in mechanical felling is that the bark can be stripped with the harvester head, which will speed up the drying of the wood considerably.


Light tractor–forestry trailer -combination with an energy wood head. This combination is gentle, and no major damage is caused to the undergrowth.

A trunk stripped off its bark mechanically with a small harvester head. This speeds up the drying of the wood considerably.

Timing of the Felling Important

The risk of trunk damage when felling trees is highest in the spring, during the growth of phloem in birch and pine intensive forests. The risk is almost double during the phloem-time compared to felling during winter.

When thinning spruce copse, the risk of damaging the tree stand or ground is highest in summertime. Autumn and winter are the optimal times for thinning spruce copses. Read more about optimal felling times here.

Guarantee of the high quality of domestic forests.

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