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Preparing and Supplying Wood Chips



Wood chips are made of energy wood by chipping. Fuel consumption and the size and quality of the wood to be chipped determine the best way to chip the wood.

Alternative Ways of Chipping According to Consumption

The need and consumption vary greatly between different targets. If the fuel consumption is great, the wood to be chipped is felling waste or massive whole-wood, a good idea is to get a truck-mounted drum chipper on the spot. It can chip several hundred cubic metres at one time.

In smaller targets where the fuel consumption is lower, a small tractor-mounted chipper, which can easily be found especially on the countryside, is a good option. The wood can be chipped straight into the silo. Tractor-mounted chippers are designed to chip mainly small, pruned and clean trunks with the maximum diameter of 25 cm.

Wood chips can also be bought ready. Ask your local suppliers and sawmills.


On the left side a tractor-mounted chipper for chipping small-scale trees. On the right side a powerful truck-mounted chipper handling a fairly big trunk.

Factors to Consider

When designing a bio heating system, it is worth considering the space required by the chipping machinery and the bearing capacity of the ground for the heavy machinery and trucks. Also a lot of dust develops when chipping wood, a fact that is good to keep in mind.

The pile of energy wood should be placed as close to the chipping location as possible, and chip the wood straight to storage without any intermediate storing, if possible. This requires a right sized storage.

Wood chip storage should be designed so spacious that chips for the whole heating-term or at least for half a year fit into the storage. Thus the time that would go to several chippings is saved.


On the left side the tractor chipper blows wood chips straight into the silo. On the right side the chipper blows the chips into the trailer, and the tractor takes the load to a power plant.


Chipper in action, and dust is in the air!

Have a look at videos:

Fendt 936 + Eschelböck Biber 80 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By1KdBs674A

Mus-Max Wood-Terminator 10 XL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhLxwogNqP0

Krampe Hakenlift THL 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MNsgaS7LCw

Krampe BB750 + Fendt Vario 936 + Jenz Hacker HEM 581 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-dUm_BLfKw

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