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Utilisation in Different Spaces

 Burning in boiler in action.

Small-Scale Heating Targets and Big Heating Plants

Wood chips are widely used in small heating systems, but also in big heating plants. Heating targets that use the heating power between 20–200 kWh, such as detached houses and farms, are classified as small-scale heating targets.

In small-scale heating targets it is important that the chips are of uniform quality, in order to ensure the correct functioning of the system. That is why chips made of felled and lopped trees are the best option. Also timber products and whole-tree chips made with drum chipper that do not include iron, nails, or other impurities are suitable for small-scale heating targets.

In big heating plants also tree tops, stump chippings and construction waste can be used. The bigger the feeder is, the better it processes rough material. However, also in big heating plants it is best to use wood chips that are as uniform in quality and particle size as possible. 

The moisture content of wood chips used in heating plants can be higher than when used in small-scale heating targets, 40% maximum. Still, this does not change the fact that the drier the wood chips, the better the heating-efficiency. Water does not produce heat in any heating target.

Raw material is chosen according to the purpose of use:

Small-scale heating targets (20–200 kWh)

  • felled and lopped trees
  • whole-tree
  • timber products

Big heating plants

  • different kinds of raw wood
  • tree tops
  • stump chippings
  • construction waste

Read more about the effects of wood’s moisture content to heating-efficiency here, and the energy content of wood chips here.

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