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Bio Heating


The bio heating plant (300 kW) on the left side produces heat for a shopping centre. Pellet heating system (20 kW) on the right side heats up one detached house.

Individual Solutions

The most important factors when choosing a heating system for a property or a residential area are affordability, easiness, carefreeness, and – in the future – also self-sufficiency in heat. Almost invariably the best option economically is to use or, if possible, start using biofuels. 

Every heating target should be evaluated as individual targets in the implementation of bioenergy, because there are so many variables that must be taken into consideration. Space for the heating system, size and location, boiler wattage and possible ways of realization must be charted. Bio heating can be used in any heating target – were the target and the need for heat big or small.

It is advisable to get an expert to help with the planning of the heating system. Different variables should be comprehensively weighed out so that every person who is to start heating with biofuels gets a heating system that responds to her/his individual needs.

This district heating plant built in Saarijärvi, Finland, was finished in 2009. It uses only domestic fuel.


Bio heating plant using mainly wood chips as fuel integrated into an old granary. Wood chip silo is situated at the left end of the building and the middle door leads to the boiler room. Bio heating plant can be placed anywhere, the only limit is your imagination!

Have a look at bio heating videos:


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