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Beginner’s Guide to Bio Heating

Summary of a Successful Heating Solution

Choosing, and building or buying a heating plant require conversance so that the result is functioning and practical. The following main points help you to make a plan according to your own specific needs.

Heating systems in single-family houses .Decide on facts, not on assumptions. http://www.biohousing.eu.com/heatingtool/default.asp?lang=eng

Estimating the need for changing the heating system

  • Do not change the old heating system completely if it is not necessary. There might be some parts that can be re-utilised in the new system. Only if necessary a totally new system should be acquired.
  • Read more here.

Estimating the annual energy consumption and its development, and power demand

  • Calculate the energy consumption of your property, and power demand both in every-day use and during big freezes. Plan well ahead. From the point of view of cost-efficiency, future planning and preparing is essential.
  • Read more about consumption and power demand here.

Supplying fuel, storing, and handling it in the heating target

  • Find out the easiest way to get fuel in a reasonable price. Plan the storing and handling beforehand to avoid unnecessary work and costs. Remember to take the ground into account if fuel is transported with large machines.
  • Read more about supplying fuel and logistics here, and storing here.

Planning the heating system, choosing the equipment and locating them

  • Plan the heating system carefully and use time in figuring out different options. Read user experiences of biofuel users and visit heating plants according to possibilities. There is a lot of information online and many discussion forums about bio heating. Be critical and try to find facts with substance. Do not believe rumours and beliefs, make your own conclusions.
  • Read user experiences of bio heating here, information about different biofuels here, and how to choose equipment here.

Building project and estimate of cost

  • Keep in mind that the more you re-use the already existing material from your old system, the lower are the costs of the new system.
  • Read examples of profitability calculations here.

Planning permission and fire authority report

  • Contact the authorities in time. They can give you beneficial advice and help already at the beginning of your project.
  • Read about fire safety of a heating plant here.

Prospective investment subsidies for the project

  • Despite the quick changes happening in the Finnish energy policy, the state has some carrot money reserved for those who give up heating with fossil fuels.  Find out if you are entitled to subsidies when building the new heating system. Remember that heating form affects greatly the value of your property.

Building a heating plant

  • Try to do as much as you can yourself, but remember to hire professionals to do the work tasks subject to licence, such as electrical installations and plumbing. If you cannot participate in the actual building process, act as a plumber’s assistant or a construction site cleaner, and you will save a lot of money.
  • Using recycled materials in different stages of the project will also save you a bunch of money. Look for used fire-doors, windows and other building material at recycling centres and other recycling channels.

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