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Medium- and Large-scale Heating Devices

A heating boiler (60 kW) and a burner with a mechanical grate (80 kW). This combination would be sufficient for heating several detached houses or a farm. With bigger devices schools, terraced houses or shopping centres can be heated. A private person can sell near heat to neighbours.

All medium- and large-scale heating devices are automated. Alternatives are devices with an unloader or devices that are filled with a front loader. Devices with an unloader are used in heating targets that produce vast amounts of energy such as big cowsheds, schools, shopping centres and heating plants.

Front Loader -Fillable Devices 40 kW–500 kW

As the title suggests, these devices are usually filled with a front loader. Thus manual labour is completely excluded, and fuel storage can be located somewhere else than in the immediate proximity of the heating centre.

Tank volume in front loader -fillable devices is 4–15 m³ depending on the burner. The device is situated in a separate feeding room or in an outside space, because fire safety requirements state that no more than 0,5 m³ of fuel can be stored in the boiler room. Depending on consumption, the filling interval is approximately one week. Various manufacturers offer different kinds of unloader solutions for front loader -fillable devices.

Front loader -fillable stoker burner, which holds eight cubic metres of fuel.

Unloading Systems 40 kW–2 000 kW

Bio heating plant can also be built to be fully automated. These plants have automatic sweeping, mechanical grate, automatic ash extractor and automatic notification function. Using this function, the system delivers fault notifications and other information about the heating directly into the owner’s mobile phone.

What the owner or caretaker needs to do, is to supply the fuel and take care of the possible fault notifications. Finnish manufacturers provide all these different types of devices.


Two different kinds of feeders. Both are durable, fire proof and reliable.

Spring agitator. A silo with a spring agitator can accommodate up to 100 m³ of wood chips.



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