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Small-Scale Bio Heating Devices

Manually fillable stoker burner (40 kW) and boiler (30 kW) –combination, with which an old, 280 m³ detached house is easily and trouble-freely heated. The heating process requires only few minutes’ work a day. Stoker burner has a day silo (0,5 m³).

This type of devices are very simple, reliable, and, despite their small size, very effective heat producers. Several Finnish manufacturers sell these devices. 

Device Size 20 kW–40 kW

Small-scale heating devices are the size of 20 kW–40 kW. They are the most affordable heating devices, they take only little space and are easily implemented into different kinds of properties. This device size is suitable for a large detached house or a small farm.

Devices demanding personal work contribution  

If you are willing to put your own work contribution into the heating process, the investment in equipment becomes smaller. At its simplest and cheapest form, a bio heating system consists of a stoker burner and a boiler.

A stoker has a so-called day silo. To secure fire safety, a day silo is usually 0,5 cubic metres in size, and it is filled manually with a tub.

The filling takes only few minutes. Everything else is automated, like in oil heating. Additionally to filling, only sweeping and other service operations must be carried out. An alternative to giving your own work contribution is getting a fully automated heating system with an unloader. In this case no silo is needed.

A day silo holds approximately 1–8 days’ ration of fuel, depending on which fuel is used and the consumption. Also the quality of the fuel and outside air temperature have an effect on the length of the filling intervals. During winter and peak demand the silo might need wood chip filling twice a day. With another fuel, the need for filling is lower even during winter-time. However, be prepared to pay a higher price for an alternative fuel.

Automated combustion devices

Usually small-scale systems are put into action by the user herself/himself, because of the low price level. In case fuel is consumed more than 60 loose cubic metres per year, it is advised to consider a further automated system. An automated system feeds the fuel straight to the burner. 

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