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Wood chips, different kinds of pellets, sod peat, non-edible grain and dried horse manure. All these can be burned in a stoker burner. Only horse manure is practically impossible to utilise in Finland because of the legislation. However, it is used as a fuel in many other countries.

Options for Everyone

There is a variety of fuels to choose from, and everyone should be able to find a suitable option to meet their needs and preferences. Crucial factors when making the decision are location of the property, storing possibilities, financial aspects and the will and possibilities to your own work contribution in heating the property.

Almost any biofuel can be burned in a bio heating plant. There is only one exception: a heating plant designed only for pellets.

More Possibilities with Extra Equipment

Accessorise your heating plant for your own personal needs and for different situations. For example, having a mechanical grate incinerator or an automatic ash extractor enable you to use the fuel which is cheapest at the time – were it wood chips or peat.

Write down the right adjustments of the heating system for different fuels. This way changing the fuel is easy. Read more about firewood, wood chips, pellets, briquettes, peat, and horse manure.

One piece of extra equipment is an oil burner, which enables the use of bio diesel. Bio diesel is similar to diesel, but it is made of renewable natural raw materials. Read more about bio diesel here.

Oil burner is a very sensible accessory to have in a heating plant. You might even get one free now when many are giving up oil heating. It is encouraged to have an oil burner on standby, at least for service breaks, so that oil or bio diesel can be used temporarily.


On the left side a burner with no mechanical grate, on the right side a burner with a mechanical grate. 

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