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Implementation of the Heating Plant

The best moment for a bio heat user is to start the bio heating plant for the first time, admiring the first puffs coming from the chimney. That moment is at the same time a celebration, because good byes are said to the old and expensive oil or electric heating.

The Beginning of the Bio Heating Era

When starting the plant, the appropriate functioning of the whole is put to test. It is very important to fine-tune the adjustments according to what fuel is used, in order to get the maximum efficiency.

Read the instruction manual that comes with the heating plant carefully, and heating will be trouble-free and pleasant. When buying the heating plant, demand the seller to come over and do the adjustments and give use instructions when the plant is taken into use.

It is a good idea to keep a diary. Make notes about fuel consumption, chimney sweepings, service measures, and the adjustments that are used with different fuels or in different kinds of circumstances. Keeping a diary gives you a beneficial and carefree future as a bio heat user.

First user’s check list

If you are the first user of the heating plant, perceive the following facts. They are based on personal experience. In addition, get to know well the different stages of initialisation of your own device, and possible special characteristics.

1. Check fire-safety according to the instructions and requirements of a fire inspector.

2. Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully.

3. Implementation:

  • Rinse the piping and the boiler before use, because during installation litter, welding residue and other impurities detach from the walls.
  • Check that no objects, such as sweeping equipment or instruction manuals, are left inside the boiler.
  • Check that the flue is open and free.
  • Fill the boiler system with water.
  • Check that there is low pressure in the boiler, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Bleed the piping, that is, let all air out through the air exhaust valves while you are filling the system up.
  • Start the circulation pumps and check, that water is circulating in them. If the pumps are gurgling, there is still air inside and you have to do the bleeding again.
  • Test the boiler’s safety valves.
  • Adjust the boiler’s thermostat at 80 Celsius degrees.
  • Light a fire in the burner and enjoy the moment!
  • Monitor the combustion gas gauges and fix the adjustments so that they are suitable for the fuel you are using. Take your time doing this.
  • Do not forget to keep a diary. Taking notes on fuels and their adjustments makes it easy for you to use different fuels according to circumstances.

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