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Initial Mapping

Potential of the Old Heating System

If a heating system already exists, in the initial mapping phase the need for renewing the old heating system is evaluated. The first step is to consider whether the old system is partially utilised or if a totally new system will be acquired.

When changed over to bio energy, it is often possible to change only the burner of an old oil or wood boiler. This is the case when, for example, pellets are taken into use or a stoker burner can be integrated into the old boiler. Find out also the possibility of using the affordable bio diesel.

In case the old heating system remains partially in use, the level of fire safety and the condition of the chimney should be evaluated. A chimney can be restored by installing an acid resistant renewal tube inside, or by using mortar to repair the interior of the chimney.

Estimating the Functionality of the Old Spaces and Logistics

In the planning phase it is important to map out storing possibilities, the need for space, and logistics for the new fuel. In general it can be said that biofuels take more storage space than oil.

If the transportation of the new fuel to the storage proves to be difficult in the planning phase, or there is not enough space in the old heating plant, or the old unit is economically unsuitable, it is worth considering building a totally new heating plant. 

Other Things to Consider

Stoker burner is a worthy option if fuel consumption is even remotely greater, because whichever fuel is cheapest at the time, it can be burned in a stoker burner. With a stoker burner you have the most possibilities.

With the new heating system you can also sell the heat you produce to your neighbours. This is easily realised by building pipes underground that lead from your heating plant to your neighbours’ houses.

Producing “near heat” increases the profitability of the new heating plant and considerably shortens the payback time. If it is decided that heat will be produced also for sale, this needs to be taken into account when planning the size of the heating plant.

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