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Storing Fuel

Wood chip storage in a machinery hall. Chips are transported with a front loader to a nearby heating centre.

Storing Fuel is Simple

Biofuels are not demanding to store. Crucial factors are the fuel’s need for space, easy filling of the storage, and the location of the storage in relation to the boiler room. To avoid moisture, a roofed storage is sufficient.

It is advisable to build the fuel storage as close to the heating centre as possible. The best place is right behind the boiler room wall. Regardless the size of the heating plant, rationalising the location of the storage is advisable to ease the heating process.

The most inexpensive option for a storage space is an old roofed building or space, from where the fuel is manually moved into the boiler room using for example a wheelbarrow or a tub. If the consumption is low and only pellet is used, a closet-sized room is sufficient. A screw conveyor takes the pellets from the storage to the burner.  

Simple and well-functioning storage solution in the basement of an old detached house. Pellets are moved to the burner manually with a tub.

More information about storing different fuels: firewood, pellet, wood chips, peat.

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