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Supplying Fuel and Logistics


Wood head is an excellent aid in moving trunks.

Aiming for Cost-Effective and Trouble-Free Heating

There are multiple options to supply and transport bio fuel. No matter which fuel is used and how big the consumption is, the aim is an easy, carefree, user-friendly and cost-effective solution.  

Forest owners are in an ideal situation: forestry produces raw material for firewood and wood chips, so the fuel is free. Others can buy wood delivered from forest industry companies or forest owners.

As usually in wood material trading, firewood should be bought in solid cubic metres. Bought this way, wood is cheapest. Read more about wood’s measurements here.

Bio fuels – chips, pellet, peat, and briquette – are ready-to-use and easily available by many suppliers. Compare prices and shop around for the best offer.

In the recent years many new suppliers have started to sell raw wood and different bio fuels in Finland. This makes supplying bio fuels easier and encourages people to start using them.


Loading bio fuel for transportation.

Well-kept forests are a delight to the eye, it is a joy to wander in them, and they yield a good crop for their owner. 

Rational Logistics

It is extremely important to think out the logistics of the fuel. Thus transporting the fuel, filling the storages and the actual heating are easy and carefree. Dry fuel must always be available. Thorough planning and rationalising functions will pay off later.

When planning the heating plant, it should be kept in mind that during the future years there will be countless heating times. Thus futile moving, transporting, and manual work should be avoided and minimized according to possibilities. Bio fuels are relatively heavy and space-taking. With properly planned logistics bio heating is as easy and carefree as the old-fashioned oil heating.

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