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Peat Users Rami and Henna

  • Heating targets: detached house, warehouse
  • Fuel: sod peat
  • Heating system: central heating boiler (50 kW), stoker burner (40 kW)

Rami and Henna have used peat for heating for three years now. Their heating system consists of a stoker burner (40 kW) with a 920 litre fuel silo, and a heating boiler (50 kW). The burner and the boiler are manufactured by Säätötuli.

Before the bio heating system, the buildings were heated up with oil. The consumption was 3 500 litres, the cost of which today would be 4 000 euros. Today, sod peat consumption is 35 cubic metres. The yearly heating cost is 800–900 euros. The amount of saved money is huge, over 3 000 euros.

“For us peat is a natural option. Already in my childhood home we heated up with peat. I work in the peat industry, on a bog. Also, peat is absolutely the most affordable option for us. The quality of the peat defines the heating value. The system’s adjustments reveal it: with bad peat the adjustments are almost double as high. Combustion gas temperatures have usually been 120–130 Celsius degrees,” Rami tells.

The silo is filled in every three to fourteen days, depending on the weather, of course. Filling takes 15 minutes and is done manually with a tub. Henna can do everything involved in the heating process, when Rami is on a business trip.

“I sweep in every three or four weeks. The boiler could be a little easier and nicer to sweep, but I’ll manage. Peat combustion produces somewhat more ash than chips, but it’s up to your own attitude if it’s a problem or not. If you are lazy removing the ash, I recommend an ash screw for those that burn peat regularly,” Rami gives a hint.

“Everything has worked fine. I can recommend it to others. There have been no problems, apart from some challenges. Sometimes peat has vaulted because the silo is in a cold space. And once I found my t-shirt wrapped around the feeding screw,” Rami laughs.

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