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Our Services

Bioenergianeuvoja.fi internet portal is a meeting place for bioenergy users, professionals, and service providers. Here the one who seeks shall find a wonderful world of bioenergy possibilities!

At our website, an individual consumer gets to know the different bioenergy alternatives and their utilization extensively. Service orderers find expert services to meet their needs. Service providers bring out their products and services noticeably, directed to the right target group.

We constantly expand and develop our services according to customer feedback and demand. The development of services below is continued, if there is interested and demand.

Expert services

The Small Giant of Bioenergy wishes to show up objective information related to bioenergy. You can order expert services and lectures. We develop our services according to demand. Contact us and tell us your wishes.


Our readers search for high-quality bioenergy products and service providers, such as heater manufacturers, biogas power plant manufacturers, trade magazines, machines and devices. Ask us about advertising here.

For a new entrepreneur in the field of bioenergy we can occasionally offer free advertising space in the beginning of the entrepreneurship. Ask more about free advertising space here.

Register of associations

We maintain a free register of associations and non-profit organizations that operate in the field of bioenergy. Inform us about a missing contact information or update your information here.



Contents of this website used for commercial or educational purposes have to be approved by bioenergianeuvoja.fi administrator. When publishing text material or pictures, bioenergianeuvoja.fi –website has to be mentioned as the source.

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