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Register of Associations in Finland

Bioenergianeuvoja.fi maintains a free register of associations. Contact us here, and we will add your information in the register for free. Remember also to inform us about new contact information!


Aurinkoteknillinen yhdistys ry

PL 3

06151 Porvoo

telefon: +358-400 458 790/Christer Nyman, Executive Director

e-mail: info@aurinkoteknillinenyhdistys.fi 

http://www.aurinkoteknillinenyhdistys.fi (in Finnish)

Aurinkoteknillinen yhdistys ry was founded in 1979 to promote the utilization of new energy sources and especially the use of solar energy in Finland.

To meet its goals, the association negotiates with authorities and gives consultation, does research, educates, gives out reports and assists in creating contacts between different parties in the field.

An important event is the yearly “Solar Seminar”, Aurinkoteknilliset päivät, where lectures given by experts and an exhibition familiarize visitors with current issues. The association also takes part in other exhibitions, where new energy technique is introduced. The association has published its lectures so far in its series of books.


Bioenergia ry

Kaisaniemenkatu 4

00100 Helsinki

telefon: +358-207 639 600

e-mail: etunimi.sukunimi@bioenergia.fi

http://www.bioenergia.fi/ (in Finnish, English website will be published shortly)

FINBIO, a Finnish Bioenergy Association, has united with Bioenergia ry. Read more at http://www.finbio.fi/ (in Finnish).

Bioenergia ry and its members have a strong will, and they present it where decisions are made. They know the people who draft laws and make decisions both in Finland and in Europe.

Bioenergia ry prepares and gives expert opinions. The association has good connections with the media. With a shared performance better results are gained.

The members of bioenergia ry have the most recent information at their disposal. Bioenergia.fi arranges seminars in Finland and exhibition trips abroad.

Bioenergia ry publishes Bioenergy –magazine and has a website, both directed to decision-makers, clients and members.


Puuenergia ry

PL 5 (Kiljavantie 6)

05201 Rajamäki

telefon: +358-9 2904 1200

email: puuenergia@tts.fi

http://www.puuenergia.fi/ (in Finnish)

Puuenergia ry - Träenergi rf. is a non-profit association promoting the use of bioenergy, competitiveness and economical growth eco-friendly. Members are wood fuel producers, companies that use wood fuel, and machine and device suppliers. Also other communities and private persons interested in the use of wood fuel are welcome to join the association.

Puuenergia ry actively cooperates with FINBIO and Motiva. Puuenergia ry also has shared interests with the Association of Finnish Peat Industries and TTS (a research, development and training institute).

Puuenergia ry acts for clean, domestic wood energy, and aims to improve the possibilities of entrepreneurs and companies to operate on a healthy financial basis.  


Finnish Biogas Association

PL 1173

00101 Helsinki

email: info@biokaasuyhdistys.net

http://www.biokaasuyhdistys.net (in Finnish, in English)

Finnish Biogas Association was founded in 1991 as an independent national organization of companies, individuals and associations with interest in the biogas field. The association was formerly known as Suomen biokaasukeskus ry.

Finnish Biogas Association promotes the use of biogas technology and research, and the quality of biogas information in Finland. The association wants to affect the field of biogas positively, and takes part in the process of law-making by publishing new information and arranging events.

The association aims to promote the research, product development, collection and utilization of different biogases, i.e. bio methane, and help its members in the activities related to these.

The Finnish Biogas Association is engaged in the following activities, among others:

– follow the development of the field of biogas, and spread information about the importance of biogas,

– cooperate with other central associations of renewable energy and interest groups,

– organize courses, discussions and press conferences,

– give expert opinions in biogas-related issues.


Finnish Gas Association

Salomonkatu 17 A

PL 392

00101 Helsinki

telefon: +358-9 586 0840

http://www.kaasuyhdistys.fi (in Finnish)

Finnish Gas Association is a lobbyist for and expert of the field of biogas.

Finnish Gas Association promotes the versatile and geographically wide use of natural gas, biogas, and other similar energy gases. It also promotes the extensive availability of biogas devices and services.

The association promotes the effective use and transportation of energy and clean environment.


The Finnish Wind Power Association

Asemakatu 11 A, 2. kerros

40100 Jyväskylä

telefon: +358-40 771 6114/Anni Mikkonen, Executive Director

email: tuuli@tuulivoimayhdistys.fi

http://www.tuulivoimayhdistys.fi (in Finnish, in English)

The Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) was founded in 1988 with the aim to create good conditions for wind energy development in Finland. The primary aim of this association is to increase awareness of wind power using independent scientific information, and to increase the use of wind power in all its forms in Finland. FWPA aims to be a visible leader and force in promoting wind power and representing all its members and their shared views.

An important aim for FWPA is to turn the general atmosphere towards wind power into more positive direction. FWPA’s reports about wind power are based on independent scientific information.

FWPA promotes the use of wind power by publishing information about the use of it (Tuulienergia-magazine, website, newsletter, seminars, the press), taking part in the public conversation and taking contact with the authorities with clear, unified and well-prepared objectives. In addition, FWPA participates in different governmental working groups and national projects.

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